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You Tube Link to "The Road Less Traveled" from the movie Left Behind: Rise of the Anti-Christ

Movie Release January, 26, 2023. Song written by Robert Jason & Jayne Carter. 

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"The Road Less Traveled" is in the Left Behind movie beginning January 26, 2023 with a 4-day Fathom events launch

"The Road Less Traveled" was written by Robert Jason & Jayne Carter. Listen for a male vocal of the song, in the Left Behind movie. See Link below for Tickets at OR go to 

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"Left Behind: Rise of the Anti-Christ" (with Kevin Sorbo) & "The Hill" (with Dennis Quaid) 

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November 1-2, 2022: Unlocked CWIMA Interational Conference

Singing in downtown Ft. Worth, TX 

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October 7-8, 2022: Texoma Gospel Music Association Gathering

Singing in Sulfur Springs, TX 

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March 3, 2022: Child Evangelism Fellowship GALA at The Hope Center

Singing at CEF Gala Event. The Hope Center in Plano, TX 

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February 18, 2022: LibertyHawk Ranch

Singing at Private Event- Argyle, TX 

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February 16, 2022: CWIMA-Christian Women in Media Association

Leading Worship for CONNECT EVENT: online ZOOM  

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January 14, 2022: LibertyHawk Ranch

Singing at Private Event in Argyle, TX 

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December 18, 2021: 18th Annual Birthday Party for Jesus at the Dallas Convention Center honoring the homeless and impoverished

8:30 singing opening ceremony. Dallas, Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center 

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